This page will be updated regularly. Please find below the speakers in alphabetical order per day.

Speakers Wednesday 19 June, 2024


Prof. dr. Maarten van den Berge - bio soon available (Presentation: Exacerbations in Asthma and COPD)

Dr. Michael H. Cho - click here for bio (Presentation: Genetics of Asthma and COPD)

Dr. Rosa Faner - click here for bio (Presentation: Endotyping of Asthma and COPD)

Prof. dr. Bram van Ginneken - click here for bio (Presentation: AI in lung imaging of obstructive lung disease)


Dr. Tillie Hackett - click here for bio (Presentation: Spatial Imaging of small airway remodeling in Asthma and COPD)

Dr. Erik Melén - click here for bio (Presentation: Epigenetics and environment in obstructive lung disease)

Dr. Barbro Melgert - click here for bio (Presentation: Microplastics exposure and chronic lung disease)

Prof. dr. Lidwien Smit - click here for bio (Presentation:Air pollution and lung diseases)

Dr. Jakob Stokholm - click here for bio (Presentation: the airway and gut microbiome in lung disease)

Dr. Giovanni Viegi - click here for bio (Presentation: Climate change and chronic lung disease)

Speakers Thursday 20 June, 2024

Dr. Jonathan Baker - click here for bio (Presentation: The future of anti-ageing strategies in lung disease)

Dr. Mareike Lehmann - click here for bio (Presentation: Impaired regeneration in the ageing lung)

Dr. Alexander Misharin - click here for bio (Presentation: Single cell sequencing and ageing)

Dr. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen - click here for bio 
(Presentation: T
he application of deep learning and spatial approaches to define aging and senescence)

Dr. Maaike de Vries - click here for bio (Presentation: Epigenetic clock, consequences for asthma and COPD)

Speakers Friday 21 June, 2024


Prof. dr. Guy Brusselle - click here for bio 
(Presentation: P
ersonalized treatment and biologicals in COPD; current and future perspectives)


Prof. dr. Frits Franssen - click here for bio (Presentation: Treatable traits in obstructive lung disease)


Prof. dr. Huib Kerstjens - click here for bio (Interview with a patient)

Prof. dr. Gerard Koppelman - bio soon available (Presentation: Personalized treatment and biologicals in asthma; current and future perspectives)

Dr. Marcus A. Mall - click here for bio (Presentation: Muco-obstructive lung disease)


Dr. Fernando Martinez - click here for bio (Presentation: Early origins of different forms of chronic lung disease)

Dr. Pallav Shah - click here for bio (Presentation: Bronchitis treatment; N2-cryospray ablation and rheoplasty)

Prof. dr. Dirk-Jan Slebos - click here for bio (Presentation: Novel medical devices for emphysema)

Dr. Daniel J. Weiss - click here for bio (Presentation: Stem cell therapy for lung disease: where are we now?)